Buy Titan III Vaporizer


Buy Titan III Vaporizer

Buy Titan III Vaporizer like other marijuana Accessories, this vaporizer is a pocket sized dry herbal vaporizer. Its great portability is due to its ultra thin design, compact enough to carry wherever you wish to go. The Titan III also features an OLED display to show the temperature & the battery status.

Furthermore, it has a special mouthpiece for filtering and a long air slide to cool the hot vapors. The design outside the heating chamber has an insulating effect. You will never feel too hot to hold the vape even when the heating chamber reaches its max temperature.

In addition, the temperature of the heating chamber ranges from 200 F° to 428 F°. Giving you the ability to find the perfect temperature for you. However, We generally recommend starting at around 360°F and increasing a couple of degrees at a time to find your preferred temperature.

Moreover, Once you find your desired temperature, the convenient memory function will remember it the next time you power the device on. Cleaning is easy and you may also use small amount of alcohol and cloth to clean out the chamber

Included in its box are;

  • 1 Titan III Vaporizer
  • 4 Mesh Filters
  • 1 Filter Set
  • 1 Titan Card
  • 3 Mouth Piece Sleeve
  • A USB Charger
  • A Brush
  • 1 Carrying Box
  • User Manual


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