Some times placing orders can be complicated and annoying but here at Weed Xpress UK, we have make it easy by outlining the simple steps below. The steps are simple and straight forward

For Vape Cartridges, check out: For all other marijuana-related products or accessories, shop the general “Shop” section of our site:

2. PRODUCT SELECTION: After browsing through our shop page, click on the products you’re interested in the select the options. For weed strains, select your preferable quantity of ounce you want (1, half and a quarter) and for vape cartridges, select the flavors you want. Right after that, click on ADD TO CART.

3. CHECK YOUR CART: Right after you have chosed all your desired products, click on the cart icon at the top right corner. Verify to see if all your selected products are in the cart.

4. SHIPPING METHOD: After checking your cart page and confirming, next choose the shipping method you want or interested in (Free shipping, Standard shipping, Express shipping and International shipping). After that, click on PROCEED TO CHECKOUT.

5. CHECKOUT: On the checkout page, firstly fill in your billing details and shipping address correctly. Secondly, select your preferred payment options (Cryptocurrency or Bank transfer). Thirdly, if your total order amount is eligible for the coupon code, put in the coupon code by clicking on “Have a coupon? Click here to enter your code” which is right above the Billing details heading. After you have put in the code, click on APPLY COUPON.

Note: Please make sure you use the RIGHT coupon code for the RIGHT payment option. Visit our Payment option page for the coupon codes

6. PLACE ORDE: After filling in your billing details, shipping sddress, selecting your payment option and applying your coupon code, please kindly click on PLACE ORDER to place your order. After clicking on place order, you will automatically receive an email and we will also send you an email for you to confirm your order.

7. CONFIRM YOUR ORDER: To confirm your order, you must make the payment so that we confirm it for processing. Orders placed are only processed after payment.

8. PROOF OF PAYMENT: After you have confirmed your order by making the payment, please kindly email us the screenshot or a clear photo of the payment receipt or transaction so that we can proceed with the packaging and delivery.

Once we collect your payment, your order will be processed and will ship the following business day. We’ll email your tracking number as soon as it’s available.

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