THC-Distillate Saber Vape Pen


THC-Distillate Saber Vape Pen

Amongst the vape pens, THC-Distillate Saber Vape Pen comes in a variety of different colors that’s sure to have your taste buds going wild.

Therefore, choose your favorite Saber Vape Pen color and have a sweet blueberry vape pen to ease your stress away. THC Distillate vape Saber with no additives or fillers, no PG, No VG, No PEG, No MCT.

It can take up to fifteen minutes to feel the full effect. For patients who have not consume in a while, two to four puffs will be okay. However, for the folks who consume a little more often, up to ten puffs should be just fine.


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