Buy Chernobyl Shatter


Buy Chernobyl Shatter

What this marijuana concentrate lacks in name appeal, it more than makes up for it. With a double barrel blast of unique terps and serious potency, with a THC content that hovers just under 80%.

It has a potent smell to it with lime and citrus undertones making it a funky smelling strain, which is quite pleasing at the same time. As for the flavor, it has a smooth deep taste that resembles its smell. You’ll experience euphoria all the while feeling extremely energetic. The high will wash away any anxiety or stress is highly best for daytime use.

In addition, medical users will love this concentrates for its ability to uplift and invigorate the body. If you suffer from chronic fatigue, the energetic nature of this bud will awaken even the sleepiest of people. Mental illness and mood or attention disorders stand little chance against this strain too, as it is recommended for anyone suffering from depression, stress, bipolar, or ADHD.


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