X2 Uncut CBD Cartridges UK



X2 Uncut CBD Cartridges UK

X2 Uncut CBD Cartridges UK For The People 500mg CBD Vape cart is some extremely potent medicine for inflammation, pain, stress and general well-being, and not necessarily for beginner CBD vapers!  With more potency than most competing brands, this cartridge should probably be vaped gently with smaller hits to start, before working your way up to larger inhales.

Moreover, if you’re a relative newbie to CBD, small hits are likely all you need because your tolerance will be minimal – plus the cartridge will last longer due to its potency. To speed up your pain relief, the carts are pre-primed so that they are ready-to-vape right out of box!

Plus, FTP’s X2 Uncut CBD vape oil cartridges offer you four flavorful terpene blends to choose from:

  • Durban Sour:  a blend of sweet earth and pine with sour aftertaste
  • White Widow: sandalwood taste and smell
  • Blue Cheddar: a unique berry and cheese blend
  • White Fire OG (WiFi): weedy, kushy, dank-tasting

What we love!

  • More potency than most competing brands
  • 65% CBD in each cartridge
  • Two dosages available: 1000mg version with 650mg CBD per cartridge, 500mg with 325mg CBD each
  • Carts are pre-primed so that they are ready-to-vape right out of box for vape pens
  • Because For The People CBD products are organic and preservative-free they have to be produced ‘fresh on demand’.

Blue Cheddar, Durban Sour, White Fire OG (WiFi), White Widow


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