White Widow C02 Oil Cartridges


White Widow C02 Oil Cartridges

This prefilled vape Co2 Oil Cartridge is a balanced hybrid. White Widow C02 Oil Cartridges is among the most famous medicinal strains worldwide. A cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian Indica.

In addition, this prefilled vape C02 vape cartridge provides a powerful burst of euphoria, relaxed, increase appetite as it causes hungry and energy breaks through immediately. Stimulating creativity. This is an ideal strain for those who suffer from chronic pain.

Moreover, thanks to its high THC level, this vape oil cartridge can be best use to treat pain, depression and stress. On the medical side, patients feel euphoric, happy and uplifted. This strain is best used to relieve stress, pain and depression. Patients typically use it to treat Anxiety, Migraines, Arthritis, PTSD, Bipolar Disorder.


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