THC Distillate Superior Extract Edible


THC Distillate Superior Extract Edible

This marijuana edible is pure, solvent free superior cannabis extract. This edible has a potent THC level of 98%. Thick clear THC Distillate that can be consume as an edible, can be use as a topical, or dabbed. Just a little dollop can go a long way. Warm it up for more efficient and convenient use. THC Distillate Superior Extract Edible

Moreover, due to its purity, each dose of THC distillate is highly potent. Eliminating the need for smoking a lot and minimizing the health risks of smoke inhalation. Because it is decarboxylate or activate, marijuana distillate can be administer orally, topically, vape, smoke, dabb, etc

In addition, THC distillates undergo a four stage refining process following ethanol extraction which includes separating and then reintroducing CBD. Thus, this cannabis edibles is made with THC distillate which makes it not only very strong, but also faster acting than other extracts which have not undergone a refining process.


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