Rose Gold 500mg – Bloom Farms Cartridge


Rose Gold 500mg – Bloom Farms Cartridge

Enjoy the pure indulgence of supreme relaxation delivered on a cloud of dark, earthy vanilla and burnt sugar with light gas. Rose Gold 500mg – Bloom Farms Cartridge prefilled vape cartridge is a CBD Hybrid.

Beyond its luxurious metallic finish, this cartridge features a metal mouthpiece, filigree accents, leaf-shaped LEDs and an updated stylus. With a newly designed battery and embedded ceramic element.

This cartridge is optimize to evenly heat oil and deliver consistent potency and flavor. Out of the box, this prefilled vape cartridge discreetly serves up convenient and safe relaxation.

Furthermore, Bloom Farms only use natural flavors and extracts in their CBD carts. There are currently four available flavors that have at least 60% cannabinoids which is enough to sustain your everyday needs. Overall, Bloom Farms Carts and Tinctures are appealing for both beginners and experienced users.

In addition, it includes battery, 500mg cartridge, and USB charger. Everything you need to get started with a 100% lifetime guarantee.


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