OG Buddha Tahoe Marijuana Strain


Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 16% – 22%

OG Buddha Tahoe Marijuana Strain

OG Buddha Tahoe Marijuana Strain is also familiar as “Buddha Tahoe” or “Buddha Tahoe Kush”. It is an evenly balance hybrid strain. Furthermore, it is a backcross of the classic OG Kush Tahoe cut.

  • Effects: Happy, Relaxing, Uplifting
  • May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Depression, Insomnia, Nausea
  • Flavors: Dank, Lemon, Spicy
  • Aromas: Dank, Kush, Lemon, Spicy

However, the high starts with a happy lift that boosts your mood and leaves you feeling relaxed and blissful. In addition, your mind floats away into a carefree state, your body will suddenly be overtaken by a creeping body high that takes hold of your entire being and pulls you down into a heavy couch lock. This slightly sedated state can leave many users very sleepy. Often leaving them dozing or completely passing out after just a few hits.


1 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce


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