OCB Premium Gold Rolling Papers


OCB Premium Gold Rolling Papers

Like all the other Hemp wraps accessories Odet Cascadec Bollore (OCB) premium gold kingsize Smoking Slim Papers have unique gold packaging but are still from the OCB premium collection. Each paper is ultra thin, lightweight, easy to roll and burns slowly. These high quality rolling papers are close to transparency and burn down evenly. Buy OCB Premium Gold Rolling Papers UK

Moreover, each single leaf is produce with a watermark pure flax paper for quality assurance. Also, an Arabic Natural Gum that has been an extract from East Africa which also makes it 100% Vegetarian Organic. A paper slip is fold in with the leaves reminds you when you’re running low. One single pack contains 32 rolling papers.

However, OCB now offers consumers a wide range of products, from standard flax rolling paper to organic hemp paper. All produce with natural Arabic gum for adhesion. As their commitment to natural ingredients and sustainability blossom, new products, such as their paper filters, was produce with biodegradable features in mind.

Lastly, these rolling papers also feature a “sticky lip” that eliminates the need for glue or excessive licking to finish your roll. Yet another feature is on the special packaging, which offers an “emergency bypass” in case the “zipper” feature gets stuck!


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