Maui Waui C02 Oil Cartridge


Maui Waui C02 Oil Cartridge

This prefilled vape C02 oil cartridge is a gotten from a Sativa-dominant Hybrid. Furthermore, Maui Waui C02 Oil Cartridge is classic and simple, with its tropical flavors and stress-relieving qualities. Waui is a vacation in every puff.

Let the sweet pineapple and high-energy euphoria of this native Hawaiian strain wisp your creative spirit to beautiful places. Also, it you will discover that this strain is a great strain to medicate with in the morning.

However, when consumed it gives a happy and energetic high that can also increase creativity. It provides a light and pleasant body numbing sensation as well as a strong case of the stereotypical ‘munchies.’ Dry eyes and mouth and possible paranoia are the effects. Some also encounter dizziness and headaches when consuming larger doses or edibles.

In addition, it is greatly valued for its sweet, tropical taste. The initial toke will immediately fill the throat with sweet, citrus, and pineapple flavors. Then, the Sativa effects will kick in giving one a quick boost in mood, energy, and sociability.


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