Korova Super Silver Haze Vape Cart


Korova Super Silver Haze Vape Cart

This prefilled vape cartridges is a quality Sativa dominant hybrid cartridge. Furthermore, Korova Super Silver Haze Vape Cart offers a sweet flavor and fruit punch aftertaste. It is famous for its unmistakable Haze aroma.

These vape cartridges are design and infuse with the same natural terpenes found in our flower. The natural terpenes elevate the flavor and quality of this cartridge.

While the vapor can provoke the occasional coughing fit, the high is typically consistent. You can expect a strong, uplifted head high and a subtle buzz in the body that only lasts a short while. It tends to come on hard and dissipate gently, so it’s good for a quick mood boost.

In addition, our cartridges are made with premium-quality crystal-resistant distillate and pure hemp-derived terpenes. Nothing else. Plus, we use AVD ( Android Virtual Device) hardware, which features a fully ceramic atomizer. It is think of, industry-wide, as the best hardware on the market.


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