INDICA 500mg Cartridge – Highlighter


INDICA 500mg Cartridge – Highlighter

A calm and relaxing Indica-dominant blend. Perfect for evening hours. INDICA 500mg Cartridge – Highlighter provides relaxation and pain relief and are often utilize as sleep aids. Additionally, it includes battery, 500mg cartridge, and USB charger. Everything you need to get started with a 100% lifetime guarantee.

However, this prefilled vape cartridge includes;

  • 60+% cannabinoids content
  • Includes CBC, CBG and CBN
  • Flavor: rich, tart sun-ripened berries*
  • No buttons, no preheating, no waiting
  • Optimized for vape up to 300+ puffs

Moreover, on the vapor quality, you will get the best result when inhaling from it slowly (like sipping a coffee). Take a puff or two, then letting it sit in my mouth to taste the vapor more. The vapor it produces felt clean and you can taste the terps and natural compounds of the plants. Bloom Farms also have full-spectrum tinctures that are commonly used for medicinal purposes (depression, anxiety, sleeping disorder,).

Finally, Bloom Farms’ CBD Pens are simple since you just need to inhale from the mouthpiece to start your session. It can last up to 300+ puffs before it needs a recharge which I think could probably last a few days of casual vaping. It’s lightweight and made from aluminum with a minimalistic garden-themed design in the middle.

Highlighter Bloom

Anytime, Daytime, Hybrid, Indica, Nighttime, Sativa


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