Humboldt Farms Cannabis Oil Cartridge


Humboldt Farms Cannabis Oil Cartridge

This prefilled vape cartridge is produced with the use of premium Humboldt grown cannabis and a food grade extraction process to make the oil for this our cartridges. Also, cannabis ingredients used are lab tested for purity and consistency before introducing our strain specific blends of cannabis derived and natural terpenes.

Therefore, the result leads to a product with more potent that maintains the flavor and integrity of each strain. Like others, these vape cartridges are universal 510-threaded. They work flawlessly in any 510-threaded vape pen or vape battery. With two fingers, squeeze where indicated at the bottom of the case and slide to open.

Additionally, once you’ve removed the cartridge from the case, remove the soft plastic plugs from the mouthpiece and base. Also then gently screw into your preferred vape battery.


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