Harlequin Vape Cartridge UK


Harlequin Vape Cartridge UK

This prefilled vape cartridge is of a mildly psychoactive Sativa dominant strain. Additionally, Harlequin Vape Cartridge UK is a high CBD oil with low psychoactive effects and pain killing properties.

However, this vape cartridge has sweet earthy, spicy, mango and woody flavor that gives a clean and smooth smoke. In addition, this vape cartridge will leave with you with an uplifted, relaxed, mellow, focused and happy euphoria high.

This vape cartridge can be consume at anytime of the day but more especially for nighttime use. This is because it will make you relax and will treat your pains thereby making you to have a sweet body rest.

There, because of its high CBD level content and clear minded effects, this prefilled vape cartridge is often used to treat pain, stress, inflammation, depression and nausea.

Furthermore, these pre-filled cannabis oil tanks can be screw to most 510 threaded batteries and consume the same way.


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