Durban Poison CBD Hemp Strain



THC: 20% – 21%, CBD: 23%

Durban Poison CBD Hemp Strain

This cannabis strain is also familiar as “CBD Hemp DP”  is a 100% pure sativa strain. This marijuana strain is a blend of Durban Poison and unknown high CBD Hemp strain. Furthermore, famous for its super heavy almost 1:1 CBD:THC ratio.

  • Effects: Calming, Creative, Energizing, Focus, Relaxing, Uplifting
  • May Relieve: Chronic Pain, Cramps, Fatigue, Inflammation, Seizures, Stress
  • Flavors: Flowery, Herbal, Pine, Spicy, Sweet, Woody
  • Aromas: Earthy, Flowery, Herbal, Pepper, Pine, Spicy

Furthermore, the high is super heavy, too, with a rush of cerebral effects almost as soon as you exhale. In addition, you’ll feel lifted with a sense of creativity and focus filling your mind, giving you a heady boost to tackle things that need to get done that don’t require too much brainpower. This cannabis strain’s buds have fluffy airy grape-shaped forest green nugs with thick amber hairs and a coating of frosty tiny amber crystal trichomes.


1 Ounce, 1/2 Ounce, 1/4 Ounce


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