Dosist Live Resin Gummies UK


Dosist Live Resin Gummies UK

The live resin gummy with Bear Extracts allows for the natural terpenes and cannabis to be purely expressed. It’s a true live resin experience with natural wild orange flavors in a 10mg THC gummy. Dosist Live Resin Gummies UK

  • 10mg THC, 0mg CBD / gummy
  • 10 gummies / tin 1 gummy / serving
  • 100mg THC, 0mg CBD / container
  • Total net wt: 0.77oz (22)

In addition, the live resin GLS Indica by dosist is a thc-forward formula designed to help you feel just the right amount of good. Furthermore, the live resin gls indica gummy contains 10mg of thc and is made with natural wild orange flavors. Moreover, the dosist gummy is a vegan, all-natural, gluten free, organic, fast-acting performance gummy.

100% vegan all-natural gummies featuring the best ingredients, flavors, and rapid onset technology for an elevated experience.

There are now so many edible options on the market that it is difficult to know where to begin. Drops, drinks, bars, candies and pills of various potencies are being created at a dizzying rate as producers seek to offer the legions of cannabis consumers exactly what they desire.


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