Dosist Dose Dial Edible UK


Dosist Dose Dial Edible UK

The dosist tablet is a precisely dosed dissolvable tablet delivering a controlled and targeted experience. The dose-controlled, child-resistant device delivering a single 3.7mg dissolvable tablet with the turn of a dial. Dosist Dose Dial Edible UK

Precise dosage: The dosist tablet is a 3.7mg micro-dose optimized to provide targeted benefits without overwhelming effects.

Tips for the right dose.

  • If possible, take on an empty stomach.
  • Allow one tablet to dissolve in mouth completely. Under the tongue is best.
  • As with all ingestibles, onset time and duration will vary.
  • We suggest waiting 2 hours to gauge the effect before ingesting another dose.

Using the dose dial.

  • Slide open the door located at the top of the dial.
  • Position the dose dial pointing down at a 45-90 degree angle.
  • Push the button with your thumb and turn the wheel counter-clockwise with your index finger until tablet dispenses.

Dosist is all about the precision of the dose. Rotate the wheel on their trademarked dose dial. You’ll receive a 3.7 milligram THC tablet.


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