Cinnabong Sandwich Cookies 100mg UK


Cinnabong Sandwich Cookies 100mg UK

A cinnamon roll in cookie form! Anyone else hear cookies for breakfast? Two cinnamon sugar cookies sandwich a thick layer of frosting. Proudly infused with pure distillate via Concentrated Love. Cinnabong Sandwich Cookies 100mg UK

It’s all about the flavor when it comes to the new line of sandwich cookies that (run by a classically trained pastry chef) has introduced as part of their Peace Mountain Edibles series.

Cinnabong tastes like a cinnamon roll that would put Cinnabon to shame, Birthday Baked will make you feel like a kid again sneaking an extra piece of birthday cake and Chocolate Chippy Hippy is a mouthwatering version of a classic chocolate chip cookie with an infused chocolate frosting. The sandwich cookies come in packages of 10 and are only available.


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