Chocolate Fudge-Cookie 200mg THC


Chocolate Fudge-Cookie 200mg THC

This marijuana edible chocolate fudge cookie is a potent and delicious. This chocolate cannabis edible is amazing and treat with the refreshing and soothing taste of mint throughout perfect for micro dosing. For anyone looking for a steady buzz, we will highly prescribe this cannabis edible for it. Chocolate Fudge-Cookie 200mg THC


  • chocolate,
  • brown sugar,
  • white sugar,
  • butter,
  • egg,
  • baking powder,
  • baking soda,
  • vanilla bean,
  • flour,
  • condensed milk,
  • THC Distillate,
  • proprietary blend of Cannabis Extract.

Produce with 200mg of premium THC extract, this tasty Chocolate Fudge Cookie is enough to send you hours and hours into the future, one euphoric second at a time. Also for those who have high tolerance, this cannabis edible will give you a great high

However also, this marijuana edible is not really a sleepy high as it will make you feel more energetic than sleepy. It gives relaxation, energy to get things done. Please dose according to history- do not eat the whole cookie if you are not use to a 200mg dose. Start at one bite and wait a couple of hours if you are unsure.


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