Buy Cat Face Pipe


Buy Cat Face Pipe

Buy Cat Face Pipe is another cannabis vaping accessories. It has a funny looking cat face and some people especially cat lovers enjoy it. It is a perfect pipe to smoke both your fresh and dry herbs. Conveniently sized, easy to stash and clean. Featuring a cute cat like face on the end of the pipe.

Moreover, this accessory features a nice non-stick surface that is very easy to clean and doesn’t hold on to unpleasant odors. This means you will enjoy nice clean smoking, effortless cleaning and zero-after-taste.

Now unlike the glass pipe, you will be able to laugh as it bounces comically from here to there and lands unscathed at your feet. Just, pick it up, dust it off, refill it and resume the festivities.

However, like other silicone pipes, this pipe produces no fumes or toxic emissions that could hamper your health. This means you will only breathing in pure smoke.

It is created also with  medical graded and food graded qualities. So therefore it can be used for medical and food purposes. This pipe is fitted with a glass bowl that has nine small draft holes rather than one, which makes the burn much more even, with less green pulling through.


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