Bloom Farms CBD Vape Carts


Bloom Farms CBD Vape Carts

The Bloom Farms CBD vape carts are an all natural vape cartridge option. They are all compatible with any standard 510 thread battery. There are no artificial additives or ingredients like VG/PG.

Bloom Farms CBD prefilled vape cartridge comes with 0.5 g premium broad-spectrum hemp oil. 500mg total cannabinoids, 250 mg of which are CBD! Please note that the cartridge size is 1 gram, and it contains 0.5 gram of cannabinoids.

The cartridges contain 60+% cannabinoids: CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN and terpenes naturally occurring in the hemp plant (THC-free).


  • Blackberry – Rich, Tart Sun-Ripened Berries
  • Stone Fruit – Apricot with notes of Peach and Cherry
  • Sequoia Mint – Fresh Mint with hints of Chocolate
  • Natural – No flavoring is added. These are the essence of fresh hemp

Because it is all-natural and true to the source plant, the oil color may vary. Please note that plant terpenes in your oil will change color when exposed to light or heat.  This color change is normal and does not impact the cannabinoid efficacy.

Bloom Farms CBD

Blackberry, Natural, Sequoia Mint, Stone Fruit


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