Bear Gang Gummy 100mg THC UK


Bear Gang Gummy 100mg THC UK

This marijuana edible gummies are packed with 100 mg of THC that is made from decarboxylated shatter so it’s extra potent gang gang. First timers should take it slow and eat one at a time. Bear Gang Gummy 100mg THC UK


  • Juice from concentrate,
  • flavored gelatin,
  • unflavored gelatin,
  • THC,
  • agave syrup,
  • vegetable glycerin, c
  • ornstarch,
  • MCT oil

However, this marijuana edible is infused with THC distillate isn’t afraid of pushing boundaries. By infusing each candy with the ultra-effective THC distillate oil, each candy is bursting with THC. Each packet contains 100mg of THC. If you’re ready to try marijuana edibles with THC oil distillate, then there’s no better than this Bear Gang gummies with good taste is a good choice.

In addition, this cannabis edible’s high is soothing and balance. With the extra dose of THC to probably keep you hanging onto a mild body buzz until the end. You can expect stronger effects in the body, which pair well with a hot bath and a night in. You’ll notice the effects within 30-60 minutes after ingestion, and you’ll likely feel a rush of euphoria, relaxation, and overall calm.


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